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Guang Hai Bookstore 光海书局

  • Guang Hai Bookstore

Guang Hai Bookstore 光海书局

No.1 Department Store,
8/F, 830 Nanjing Dong Lu,
near Xizang Zhong Lu

Huangpu District


6330 7552
5 mins walk from  People's Square
ID: guanghaishuju
Web: -
Daily, 10am-10pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jul 10, 2019
An artsy bookstore with a sizeable collection of vinyl records. Mostly classical: Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Chopin, going for 100-200rmb+, and an intriguing selection of 40s and 50s Mando-pop from Zhou Xuan, Li Xianglan and Yao Li. They're either 158rmb or 265rmb, depending on how successful/well-known the singer was. Other than that, there’s the odd jazz record, three copies of Jamie T’s "Chaka Demus," and some obscure 90s RnB. A good spot to go digging if you’re into classical and digging for obscure samples, but sadly no classic rock music: zero Zeppelin, Hendrix or Sabbath, and diddly squat in the way of electronic.

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