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844 Hengshan Lu,
near Tianping Lu

Xuhui District


6415 7552
5 mins walk from  Xujiahui
Web: -
Daily, 5.30pm-2.30am
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jul 23, 2019
Despite plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows and an entire second story that's open to the elements and a distinctly garden-mansiony look, this is very much a club. Real third-tier city club. Glass cabinets full of weirdly-shaped cognac bottles, neon piping and disco lights, and a trash can beside every table. Drinks are exclusively bottle-deal-io or racks of thirty-some shots, going for like 158rmb a set. Next to the fruit plates and fried oysters, they'll serve noodles, lotus root, morsels of meat and peanuts in little white porcelain bowls. Makes you feel like a Tang poet, riffing on Du Fu's latest mixtape.

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