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Wonder Palazzo 歪歪宫殿 轰趴桌游馆

Wonder Palazzo 歪歪宫殿 轰趴桌游馆

Rm. 205, 2/F, 223 Huimin Lu,
near Lintong Lu

Hongkou District


166 0217 8085
10 mins walk from  Dalian Rd
Web: -
Mon-Wed, 1-9pm
Thu-Sun, 1-10pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 28, 2020
A bit of light-hearted copyright infringement, this cafe hidden behind a coca-cola fridge in an office block in Hongkou is the latest in the never-ending trend of "picturesque themed cafes." The theme is Harry Potter. It's fairly sizeable, with two distinct rooms and a wall decorated to look like Diagon Alley. Pay 119rmb per hour per person to muck about with the props, including some very, very nice wizarding robes. Is it lame? Of course not. A healthy appreciation for Harry Potter is a cornerstone in any happy childhood. Coffee and tea are available, and butter beer (basically cream and ginger ale) goes for 40rmb. The owner sometimes organizes fan get-togethers and boardgame nights. As of January 2020, it appears to have become an events space, so maybe give it a call before you head all the way up to Hongkou.

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