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Lao Sheng Xing (Shandong Zhong Lu)

Dumplings | Shanghainese | Xiao Long Bao | Huangpu

Lao Sheng Xing (Shandong Zhong Lu)

Xiao Long Bao

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Lao Sheng Xing (Shandong Zhong Lu)

Xiao Long Bao
  • 258-260 Shandong Zhong Lu,
    near Hankou Lu

    Huangpu District


    5 mins from East Nanjing Rd
    Chinese Name: 老盛兴汤包馆
    159 0087 9564
    ID: -
    Daily, 6.30am-9pm

    Editor’s Description

    Last updated: Sep 17, 2019
    One of the earliest locations of Lao Sheng Xing––an old brand restaurant serving traditional Shanghainese dim sum and casual meals. They are famous for Shanghainese and Suzhou-style soup xiaolongbao, coming in common pork filling or with pork and crab meat. The store is popular among the locals and people working nearby, so it usually gets crowded during lunch time. Expect brusque service. For about 20rmb you will leave totally satisfied.
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    • On a sticky Saturday afternoon after a few hours walking along Nanjing Rd (foolish, I know) my husband and I set off down the side streets in search of lunch. What started out as mild hunger and a willingness to wait for something that really caught our eye quickly turned into a desperate dash for anything to calm the rumbling tums. Hungry and dehydrated we came across Laoshengxing. In my delirious state I thought, ‘hey isn’t that the OG place with the Michelin star?’ Negative, that would be Laozhengxing. Onwards and upwards.

      Quick scan of the menu and we chose a combo of dumps and noodles. Unsure if it was our hunger that drove us to over order or that the portions are just huge but we ended up with enough for a small army.

      Dishes of mention:

      Scallion oil noodles with garlic - One of my favourite dishes since moving to Shanghai. There was just the right amount of oil to perfectly coat the noodles.

      Glutinous rice dumpling – a nice spice to the glutinous rice filling. Tasty but quite heavy.

      The baozi and dumps were thrown at us in a plastic bag which I initially found a bit odd but actually rather convenient to transport food for the small army. Ultimately was the food tasty? Yes. Was it because I was starving? Maybe but I would certainly go back for those noodles.

      Laoshengxing is a local food chain serving up some dirt-cheap Chinese classics. Not a bad spot if you’re wanting something cheap and cheerful.


      Price for 2: 50 RMB

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