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Chicken Soup Wonton

Dim Sum | Dumplings | Shanghainese | Huangpu

Chicken Soup Wonton

Dim Sum

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  • Chicken Soup Wonton
  • Chicken Soup Wonton
  • Chicken Soup Wonton

Chicken Soup Wonton

Dim Sum
  • B2, 268 Xujiahui Lu,
    near Madang Lu

    Huangpu District


    Inside: LuOne
    5 mins from Madang Rd
    Chinese Name: 家家好鸡汤馄饨
    6386 7718
    ID: -
    Daily, 10.30am-9.30pm

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    Last updated: Feb 21, 2020

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    • Atmosphere: Out of all the wonton and noodle shops in your neighborhood, how many are actually good? If you eat at enough mediocre, oily sustenance spots, it's easy to forget just how incredible a bowl of wontons can be when they're made with the right soup, ingredients, and love. Luckily, this newer chain, Chicken Soup Wonton is here to remind us of their glory.

      Food: "This reminds me of how food used to taste", said my dining partner, grabbing another of the malantou and tofu stuffed wontons coated with dry chili and cilantro. Those disappeared fast. So did the noodles underneath, cooked to just the right snap. The chicken soup tastes thick and chicken-ey like soup you get in the countryside. They don't salt the broth. And when you order a side of greens, they actually cook it in chicken soup. The place has already caught on. On a recent Wednesday, all the spring rolls and most of the side dishes were sold out by 9pm.

      A shop in the mall with black truffle wontons and old Shanghai songs could really go either way. But this place more than pulls it off, and their design completes the whole experience. I mean, the logo is a headless chicken bathing itself in a bowl of chicken soup, and they have pink chopsticks. And for 50-100rmb per person, it's easy to keep coming back here for some classics done right. 

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