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Shanghai Foreign Language Book Store (Fuzhou Lu) 外文书店(福州路店)

Shanghai Foreign Language Book Store (Fuzhou Lu) 外文书店(福州路店)

390 Fuzhou Lu,
near Shanxi Nan Lu

Huangpu District


2320 4994
10 mins walk from  East Nanjing Rd
Daily, 10am-6.30pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Dec 30, 2019
The no-nonsense Foreign Language Book Store is the closest thing you'll find to whatever mega bookstore you know from your home country. The entire building is dedicated to English-language books, so they've got everything from business texts, classics, romance novels and cookbooks to current bestsellers, test prep books, teen fiction, magazines and textbooks. The shop carries all the regular genres, though the placement of books can be somewhat confusing—Foreign Language Book Store's staffers can all speak English, though, and can point you in the right direction.

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