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Azul Italiano (Sinar Mas Plaza)

  • Azul Italiano (Sinar Mas Plaza)
  • Azul Italiano (Sinar Mas Plaza)
  • Azul Italiano (Sinar Mas Plaza)
  • Azul Italiano (Sinar Mas Plaza)
  • Azul Italiano (Sinar Mas Plaza)
  • Azul Italiano (Sinar Mas Plaza)
  • Azul Italiano (Sinar Mas Plaza)
  • Azul Italiano (Sinar Mas Plaza)
  • Azul Italiano (Sinar Mas Plaza)

Azul Italiano (Sinar Mas Plaza)

  • 3/F, Sinar Mas Plaza,
    588 Dongchangzhi Lu,
    near Lvshun Lu

    Hongkou District


    Inside: Sinar Mas Plaza
    Part of: Azul
    6525 1636
    5 mins walk from  International Cruise Terminal
    Web: -
    Open Since Jul 2021
    11am-3pm, 5-9:45pm, Dining
    10-11pm, Bar
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    Editor’s Description

    Last updated: Dec 27, 2021
    From serial Shanghai restauranteur Eduardo Vargas comes Azul Italiano, an Italian-inspired addition to the second of his Colca locations on the North Bund. Vargas is eager to put the emphasis on the word ‘inspired’. It largely looks Italian, smells Italian and tastes Italian, but he and Chef Willmer Colmenares have tweaked it here and there to make it more approachable for local tastes. Is it totally “authentic”? No. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good. There is plenty that is worth trying. The meatballs are delicious. As is the polenta with a porcini ragout. They do a cioppino, which is an Italian-American seafood stew of clams, mussels, prawns, scallops and halibut simmered with crush tomatoes and fennel — tasty as well.

    Signature Dishes

    • Cioppino

      Seafood stew, tomato soup made with shellfish and lobster head, topped with fresh seafood – tiger prawn, scallop, halibut, black mussels and clams.

    • Red Crab Pasta

      Squid ink spaghetti, topped with tender crab meat, roasted cherry tomatoes, spicy prawn oil, shiso leave and nori.

    • Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

      M5 Wagyu beef, served with Parmesan cheese, baby capers, truffle oil and pine nuts.

    • Mushrooms & Polenta
    • Chicken Wings

      Chicken wings, marinated with honey, Sichuan pepper and oregano sauce.

    • Campania

      You will only have 20 seconds to take pictures before the bubble bursts. Using gin and whiskey as the base.

    • The Fallen Garden

      Tiramisu served in a chocolate pot with edible soil, meringue mushrooms and berries gelato.


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