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Sam's Flagship Store 山姆会员旗舰店

  • Sam's Flagship Store
  • Sam's Flagship Store

Sam's Flagship Store 山姆会员旗舰店

  • Jinjin Lu and Wan'an Lu Crossroads

    Pudong District


    Phone: Unknown
    ID: 山姆会员商店
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    Editor’s Description

    Last updated: Jul 13, 2021
    When this place opens, it is going to be the flagship store of all China for Sam's Club. If you've already been to the massive Sam's Club in Pudong, then for scale, this new palace of club shopping is going to be a whopping seven times larger. We hear also, that they are going to have several unique features with this one in response to Costco's entrance into the market. Hoooray for market competition!
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