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Chiang Mai 清迈府泰国料理

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Chiang Mai 清迈府泰国料理

1019 Kangding Lu,
near Yanping Lu

Jing'an Temple, Jing'an District


Editor’s Description

Last updated: Nov 20, 2020
Chiang Mai is that northern city in Thailand that you always meant to get to. It's also the name of this Thai place in Jing'an with acceptable prices and almost acceptable decor. Like most of the southeast Asian eateries in Shanghai, Chiang Mai is dimly lit and draped largely in a red and orange palate. Celebrating its ten year anniversary in 2019.
5228 1588
10 mins walk from Changping Rd
Wifi: Unknown
Web: Unknown
Open since: Unknown
Lunch, 10.30am-2pm
Dinner, 4.30-11pm