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This venue has closed

Relocated to Sinar Mas Plaza.

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This venue has closed

Relocated to Sinar Mas Plaza.

Bldg 2, Lane 19 Ronghua Xi Lu,
near Shuicheng Nan Lu

Changning District


6219 2225
15 mins walk from  Shuicheng Rd
Daily, 11am-8pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Mar 2, 2021
The chosen tanning salon of Malibu Barbie, its got a spacious white and silver interior that looks as though it could fold up, complete with a large waiting area with a dozen magazines and one orange couch. There are three machines, two standing booths and one '360 Master Sun' tanning bed, which it doesn’t close all the way so it seems less threatening. Sessions cannot exceed 10 minutes, the standing stalls cost 80rmb per session and 120 for the Master Sun. Memberships work on a point system. One point is one minute in the standing stall and 1.5 for one minute in the tanning bed. Eighty points for 560rmb, 150 points for 900rmb, and 300 points for 1,500rmb. You can also go unlimited for 750rmb a month. This place does NOT do spray tans.

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