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    • ADDRESS:
      Rm 203, 2/F, 169 Jianguo Zhong Lu,
      near Ruijin Er Lu
      建国中路169号2楼203室, 近瑞金二路
    • PHONE:
      6433 0699
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      8 mins walk from Dapuqiao
    • HOURS:
      Daily, 11am-11pm
    • CARDS:
      Local cards accepted
    • PRICE:
      $$ $$$
    • WEB:
    • OPENED:
      Unknown. Listed since Oct 2015
    • Editor's Description
      Rangoli is an Indian restaurant that shares a stairwell with Kaiba on the Jianguo Xi Lu side of Tianzifang. In addition to their regular menu, they offer a popular daily buffet for 80rmb. Decor is a bit gaudy with red velvet seats and brightly colored walls. Bollywood music videos play on the only screen and through the speakers. Families, foreign students, and English teachers make up their customer base.
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    • Here’s the low-down on the latest action-

      The Beef: Holy cow, do not even THINK about eating any beef here! But still plenty of chicken, lamb, fish dishes to go around for the carnivores. Come here for their buffet – it’s a great spread for an unbeatable price. Come in, grab a table, order a beer, pretend to care and make a few lines of conversation with your dinner date…then it’s the free-for-all! Start at the salad bar for some ruffage because it will be heavy loaded from here on out. The buffet fare varies slightly from day to day, but the basics include some fish and chicken tikka (grilled with spices), chicken curry or masala, an assortment of vegetarian dish (fried in batter, marinated in spices). Everything is flavorful and a spice feast for your tastebuds. Saving the best for last, naan is made-to-order, coming at you fresh and hot with a choice of butter or garlic flavors. Should have mentioned this in the beginning - don’t forget to wash your hands! Look Ma, no utensils! Eating with your hands really does make food taste better.

      The Gang: Frequented by lots of neighborhood locals, mostly foreigners with the occasional Chinese table; the owner/staff are Indian and they are friendly and speedy on refills.

      The Motive: Casual and easy, when you just want to catch up with your best friend while pigging out over naan dipped in lots of curry sauce. Probably not a great first date place, can get a bit messy with all that saucy greatness. And seriously, some first date advice…don’t take a girl to an all-you-can-eat deal without prior indication of the size of her appetite. You could end up overspending if she ends up being a salad-prodder. Oh, and you’ll still look cheap.

      The Damage: 98RMB/person buffet (evenings only) includes salad bar, buffet, made-to-order naan, and beer/soda; or order a la carte

      The Down n’ Dirty: They keep it pretty clean here. Even though there is only one loo with a urinal and toilet, waiting times are minimal. Toilet paper included, thankfully.


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    • All You Can Eat And Drink

      The Indian restaurant across from Kaiba in the Jianguo Xi Lu side of Tianzifang offers a nice buffet and free-flow beer and soft drinks deal for 80rmb. Options in the self-serve buffet include chicken, vegetable, and fish curry, chicken...
      • Dining | Rangoli | Daily until Oct 31 2016
      • 2016-04-05 Finished