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Physical location closed, changed to delivery

    • ADDRESS:
      291 Fumin Lu,
      near Changle Lu
      富民路291号, 近长乐路
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    • PHONE:
      6093 2982
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      15 mins walk from South Shaanxi Rd
    • HOURS:
      Mon-Fri, 8am-11pm
      Sat&Sun, 9am-midnight
    • CARDS:
      Local cards accepted, WeChat, Alipay
    • WEB:
    • OPENED:
      Unknown. Listed since Mar 2017
    • Editor's Description
      Tribe is organic food and drinks doing all three square meals in the day plus bracing and fruity cocktails on top. Lots of healthy, fresh, leafy, crisp, rejuvenating, hydrating, detoxifying, exfoliating foods and juices -- big salads, noodle dishes, "brain bowls", wraps and salads, smoothies, juices, and more, making use of beetroot, kale, arugula, nuts and grains, avocado, mushrooms, quinoa, and an assortment of food stuffs raked up off the forest floor. Meat is on offer, ferrrsure, but they've got the option to vegan-ify most of it on there, and the menu as a whole is a pretty far-reaching and varied set of offerings. Lots of fairly involved and singular meals here. Should be great for vegetarians / vegans who find themselves eating in the same patterns out of necessity.
    Photos by BRANDON MCGHEE
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    • It was a rainy day with not much happening in Shanghai. My fellow SmartReview mate and I decided to go on a exploration near Changle road. Wondering between a burger place and Tribe, I opted for the healthier portion due to my hangover situation from Saturday night.

      Tribe has a very fun menu for a healthy spot, bowls, noodle, salad, and even vegan pizza! I ordered the tofu grain bowl and a milk tea. Fresh ingredients with a very fulfilling portion, the smoked tofu added great flavor to the bowl. The best part was the miso sauce, which in my opinion tied everything together perfectly! The milk tea wasn’t impressive, and it was served hot with a hint of toffee scent, which weren’t the best choice for a 28 degree summer day. The restaurant is nicely decorated with neon sign and geometrical themed. I love how they separated the space with green color theme on one side and orange on the other, creating contrast yet very coherent. It’s also a great place to work as it’s very quiet with calm music playing on the background. Overall a nice experience and I would probably make a comeback for the desserts as they look delicious (and healthy).

      -Tribe serves up healthy, organic and versatile dishes. Great place to dine and work at on lazy afternoon.

      - 106RMB for a bowl and a drink

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    • Tribe has exactly the sort of menu you’d expect from a place called “Tribe”. The first page entices you with neither food nor drink, but a lengthy PHILOSOPHY. It starts with “Hey Fam”, which was great, because it meant that Skepta’s Man was then floating around my head for the whole meal, in response. My mum don't know your mum. Stop telling man you're my cousin. Fam.

      It’s barely worth me expanding on the menu, is it? In case you couldn’t have guessed, they have salads, grain bowls, “pizzas” with almond flour crusts, some carby, burger-y options (naughty), etc etc. Drinks start with mixed juices (but they couldn’t just serve us an apple juice, even though they have apples, so I’d imagine they aren’t exactly freshly squeezed) and go all the way to some pretty cheap cocktails and beers (outrageous; don’t tell your spin coach). I had a fairly nice gin and basil cocktail for 38rmb, but I can’t recommend ordering it because it took longer to arrive than our food.

      We ordered a lentil bowl, a tofu bowl and some hummus. The latter was, sadly, a wet, beetroot-pink goop that tasted of neither tahini nor lemon nor garlic. Nor beetroot. Goodness knows how they make it, but they promise it’s vegan on the menu.

      The bowls were hit-and-miss. The tofu bowl, with kale, nuts, some cumin-y veggies and more, was good. It’s exactly what I’d want to eat after a yoga class. The lentil bowl, with some soggy roast cauliflower and chickpeas, was unfinishably dull. We paid 304rmb in total for all the food mentioned, a couple of beers, a cocktail and a juice.

      Tribe Organic is a good choice if you want to know exactly what you’re eating. The coded menu makes it easy to find options to suit your dietary requirements, which still isn’t common in Shanghai. The service and food often seem lacklustre, but at least it’s all healthy.

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    • Weekend Yoga & Brunch

      Sweat it all out, wind down and stretch out your weekend with yoga and a well earned brunch. 90rmb.
      • Dining, Sports & Recreation | TRIBE | Saturdays until Feb 1 2020


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    • Evasana Sunday Yoga Brunch

      An energetic Sunday yoga practice followed by a healthy brunch at Tribe Organic. Don't forget to bring your mat and scan the code to book your spot. 118rmb.
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