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Han City

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580 Nanjing Xi Lu,
near Chengdu Bei Lu


Jing'an 静安


Nanjing Rd (W), 7 mins. walk


Daily, 10am-10pm





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Editor's Description
Last updated: August 28, 2013

The downtown "fake market". You'll find fake goods all over Shanghai, but Han City (formerly know as Fengshine Market) has conveniently jammed hundreds of stalls, touts, and greedy salespeople together under one roof. It's the epicenter of IP violation in downtown Shanghai (there's another one in Pudong, at Metro Line 2's Science & Technology Museum station). Everything here is fake, fake, fake and the opening asking prices are astronomical. As a rule of thumb, start by offering 10% of the seller's asking price and settle for somewhere between 10% and 30%. The salespeople here are sharks and make a living ripping off unsuspecting tourists, so bargain hard and be prepared for a frustrating and protracted shopping experience. Cash only.

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