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    • ADDRESS:
      415 Shaanxi Bei Lu,
      near Beijing Xi Lu
      陕西北路415号, 近北京西路
    • PHONE:
      135 6475 5689
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      15 mins walk from West Nanjing Rd
    • HOURS:
      Daily, 8:30am to 7pm
    • CARDS:
      Local cards accepted
    • WEB:
    • WIFI:
      Use password sumerian415
    • OPENED:
      Unknown. Listed since Jun 2012
    • Editor's Description
      This place is one of the few cafes that roasts its own beans and creates its own house blends. It's a pretty place, clean and bright inside, with wood-beams in the ceiling and a pebble-dash floor, but it's the coffee that really excels. The espresso is fiercely strong but packed with flavor, the mocca is sweet but not overpowered by its chocolate. It's run by a friendly American / Chinese team who are happy to chat with coffee aficionados or interested amateurs.
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    • I'll keep this review short and to the point, since I'm only reviewing the bagels here, and I didn't try any savory breakfast sandwiches. 

      I'm not reviewing the guy who sat next to me eating his bagel with a knife and fork (!), but I'd give him 1 star if I could. Or zero stars. Eating a bagel with a fork deserves no stars. 

      Plain bagel w/ scallion cream cheese and smoked salmon - just...ok The portion of cream cheese portion was laughably small, which is consistently a problem of bagels in Shanghai (among the few bagel places we have). The thick serving of smoked salmon was appreciated, but it made it more like a smoked salmon sandwich with a bit of cheese. Not bad value for money, but poor ratio of salmon to cheese. Plain bagel itself was alright - I would have liked it a bit chewier. 7/10. 

      Cinnamon bagel with walnut cream cheese - was not good. The bagel tasted old - wasn't chewy at all, just kind of dry and pulpy in my mouth. Maybe the dough was overworked? The serving of cream cheese was also very skimpy, but it didn't have any other fillings to balance things out, so it was mostly a mouthful of dry, pulpy bagel. Not a pleasant experience. 3/10. 

      The final verdict: it's ok if you're craving a bagel in this part of town, but prices are high-ish and the bagels appear to be hit or miss. Considering Spread the Bagel seems to have found a new temporary home inside of Al's Diner on Xiangyang, that would be a far better choice for a bagel fix, as long as you don't mind making a trip over to that part of town. 3 stars of 5. 


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    • Sumerian Coffee Sharing Event

      The barista of Sumerian will show you what single origin is, and you will learn how to brew and taste. 88rmb.
      • Community | Sumerian | on Wed Jan 15 2020
      • 2020-01-15 Finished
    • LGBTQ Rainbow Block Party

      LGBTQ block party on that little stretch of Shaanxi Bei Lu where The Rooster and Sumerian are. Both venues will be participating, as well as Jin Hua, Ole Kitchen and Roxie, there will be a special LGBTQ themed cocktail, and the party...
      • Community, Nightlife | Sumerian | on Sat Jul 27 2019
      • 2019-07-27 Finished
    • Hotelex After Party

      Sumerian are Royal Coffee are throwing down a Hotelex after party. There will be promotional drink deals at both Dogtown and Sumerian. Each person will receive a free bottle of Sumerian's new Coffee Berry Soda. We will be doing multiple...
      • Dining | Sumerian | on Tue Mar 28 2017
      • 2017-03-28 Finished
    • Dad's Day Out

      The Sumerian / Dogtown crew have deals on Father's Day starting at noon, with Karl Strauss beer, Lao Wines sangria, Babycakes cupcakes for kids, and bagels and tacos for everyone. They have a deal where 200rmb gets you two drinks, two...
      • Dining | Sumerian | on Sun Jun 21 2015
      • 2015-06-21 Finished
    • Life of Leisure: A Collective Photo Party

      People showcasing their photos at a café / "pop-up gallery" seems to be the cool new event in Shanghai. Here's some more of that. Anyone can submit a photo to by Feb 14 to have it featured in the show. Last...
      • NOT TAGGED | Sumerian | on Sat Feb 21 2015
      • 2015-02-21 Finished