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[The Collection]: Laser Tag Arenas in Shanghai

The Best Places in Town to Laser Your Friends to Death In!
2021-09-15 12:00:00
Photos: Angela Leung

For the past few years now, the end of days has been upon us.Looking ahead, you're going to need a specific set of skills to get you through the coming reckoning.Skills that can be developed and honed at these fine laser tag places around town.

So, yeah, here's a list of laser tag places in Shanghai. Pew! Pew!

Note:English is not an option at any of the locations we visited, and everyone except Superpark seemed a little wishy-washy on their pricing scheme. WeChat translate is your friend. Just add the numbers on the listing and get a more accurate quote according to when you're going and how many people you're bringing!

Leizhan Dalianmeng (镭战大联盟)

B1/F, Land of Blossoms Pai Mall, 388... View ListingTaxi Printout

How many locations: 13 spots around town, including one near Century Avenue in Pudong. We visited the one near Changfeng Park linked above.

What's it like? This is your platonic ideal of a laser tag game: there are two flat arenas strewn with shipping containers and neon-piping that can be played either separately or combined into one 1,000sqm space. Your gun looks like standard issue Aliens: Colonial Marines but speaks to you in Counterstrike sound-effects, which is fun. There's a giant scoreboard outside tracking shoot-shoot stats.

Who's it for? People who are just here for the laser tag and slightly older kids — the guns and armor are a bit heavy. They've got one racing simulator and two "party-rooms" but the Changfeng Park location is mainly a lobby for the arena.

They can host up to 100 players at a time (...good Lord) and basically an infinite number of teams.

How much? 165rmb from Mon-Thu and 180rmb Fri-Sun and on weekends.. They have a good deal from Tue-Sat, 7-10pm where it's 118 per person per hour.

K-7 Stand (K-7站术对抗营)

1301 Gonghexin Lu, near Zhongshan... View ListingTaxi Printout

How many locations: One in Hongkou.

What's it like? Heavy on the military nerdery, K-7 is a gritty, medium-sized converted basement garage set up with plyboard mazes that they rearrange sometimes. There's no aircon, the lighting is strict fluorescent, and as far as we can tell, they won't play music.

They have two set-ups: one is a P90-looking thing that comes in small (6-7 year old friendly) and big (with recoil effect). They're linked to a helmet and nothing else, so only headshots count.

Another is a realistic looking AR-15 sort of gun with hit-detectors on the torso and helmet. Very Black Hawk Down. Drawback is they have to be linked to a finicky app on a phone they strap to your forearm.

Who's it for? Older teens, people who are really into Call of Duty.

How much? They were a little unclear on prices, but 150rmb per person for two hours on weekdays, around 200rmb per person for two hours on weekends. They have discounts for bigger groups.


M/F, Bldg 1, Lihpao Land (between the... View ListingTaxi Printout

How many locations: Around 12, including one in Jinqiao. We visited the one by Hongqiao Railway Station.The name on Dianping is A&F but they're in the middle of rebranding themselves to Superpark.

What's it like? Way more than laser tag! They have escape rooms, VR games, KTV, big function rooms, arcades... unleash a pack of 30 kids in here and they will easily be entertained for four hours.

A&F/Superpark has the biggest arena of the lot, with three separately themed arenas that make up a combined 1,800sqm. It's also the only arena to feature two levels, and actual busted cars — broken glass included — so if you're worried about kids getting cut or falling on stairs, limit them to the neon space room.

The guns are plastic-y and look like knock-off phaser rifles but they go pew-pew and make the lights go bing, so nothing to complain about. If that's not doing it for you, you can trade blasters for Nerf bow things which are a lot of fun and whistle as they zip through the air. They don't even hurt!

Who's it for? Birthday parties, younger kids, fans of the Hunger Games. They can host max 86 players across all rooms, or 24 players in the space room, in up to 8 teams.

How much? For laser tag, it's 65rmb per person per "match," or you can pay 180rmb per person for two hours of as many matches as you like. For the bow game, it's 180rmb per person for two hours.

PK6 Sports Club (PK6竞技俱乐部)

B1/F, 1060 Yangshupu Lu, near Huaide Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

How many locations: One, in Yangpu.

What's it like? This is a Nerf arena. No lasers anywhere! Psyche! Instead, tiny foam pellets fired at high velocities.

PK-6 is another converted parking garage with plyboard mazes. They have one large 1,600sqm arena and one smaller 400sqm arena. No electronic hit detection, so you have to trust your friends aren't dirty dirty cheaters and are willing to admit they're out. Nerf pellets do pinch a little bit, especially if you're hit up close. They provide automatic Nerf guns, but if you're rad and cool enough to have your own, you can bring them.

Apart from the arenas and benches for people working on Nerf weapons (Nerfsmiths?), this place is devoid of much other entertainment.

Who's it for? People who need it to sting a little bit, but aren't quite ready for paintball.

How much? On Dianping it's 198rmb per person for two hours on weekdays, or 238rmb per person for two hours on weekends.