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RRRIP ZAP POOF! Celebrating Strip’s 21-Year Anniversary with a Proper Back Waxing


SmSh gets fixed up at Shanghai's favorite hair removal salon...

By SmSh
2023-09-26 12:00:00

  • Well! That’s IS a Lot of Bushes!

    Well! That’s IS a Lot of Bushes!

    We’re observing a momentous and hallowed occasion for a Shanghai institution and pillar of the community. Beloved waxing salon, Strip is celebrating 21 years — 21 years! — in the waxing game and, holy moly, over 4 million bushes waxed worldwide. 

    How did they get this number, 4 million? Probably math? And science? And accounting? 

    4 million bushes! Such a round number! 

    But even if the number is 3,999,999 or 4,000,001, that’s a staggeringly impressive amount of bush-whacking. Respect! Even if the number is anywhere near approximate, we’re sending all our love to Strip for their noble endeavours, keeping men and women the world over hot, trim, and proper. 

    So, to mark their achievement, SmartShanghai went down to Strip to learn more about the brand, their waxing services, their special anniversary discounts… and to get our virgin backs waxed. 


  • The Story So Far…

    The Story So Far…

    The year was 2002. Kelly Clarkson became the first winner ever of American Idol.  Ben Affleck was People's “Sexiest Man Alive”. The second installment of the Harry Potter films, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, was a huge box office hit.

    “Strip: Ministry of Waxing” was born in Singapore.

    Founder Cynthia Chua, the “original smooth operator”, saw a gap in the market for a waxing service and technique that was NOT painful, NOT awkward to death, and NOT dodgy AF.


    As if by divine calling, Chua created and tested new procedures and new wax formulas, eventually landing on a brand new set of Brazilian waxing techniques that were significantly less painful, way less embarrassing, and much less time consuming.  

    All very much good things. 

  • Keepin’ It Clean, Makin’ It Fast, Doin’ It Right

    Keepin’ It Clean, Makin’ It Fast, Doin’ It Right

    Today, 21 years later, Strip does the Lord’s good work in major capital cities of the world, exporting their formulas and techniques to London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, and Bangkok.

    Their Holy Trinity of Waxing: Hygiene. Speed. Quality.

    (Yes, yes, and yes).

    Their main commandment: “No Double Dipping”. That's just good practice.

    And Hallelujah: Their team of super nimble Waxperts “can scythe through any errant bush, in a record-breaking 30 minutes!”

  • How Do Strip's Waxperts Get So Good?

    How Do Strip's Waxperts Get So Good?

    It takes a skilled therapist to remove the hair around such a sensitive area and to perform a clean wax job. It's serious business. All Striperellas go through a strict training bootcamp consisting of at least 6-8 weeks of vigorous training before servicing their first customer.

    Don’t leave your private parts in the hands of an inexperienced or poorly-trained therapist. Strip therapists undergo 6-8 weeks of grueling training, more than anyone else. Plus, therapists must pass re-certification by Strip Training Academy in Singapore year in and year out. 

  • Delicious Hard and Soft Waxes Available

    Delicious Hard and Soft Waxes Available

    Strip uses both Soft Wax and Hard Wax, depending on personal preference and what area of the body is being treated. Both have their pros and cons, but generally speaking, hard wax is gentler on your skin — it adheres to your hair as opposed to your skin — and therefore is more suited to your sensitive areas: your face and oh God yes, your bikini bits. 

    For Hard Wax, Strip has formulated different wax flavors with different scents and properties to make you super delicious.

    Pictured here is the Chocolate one, which is specifically formulated to get a tighter and firmer grip on the hair, and thusly a cleaner wax job, minimized pain, and maximized chocolaty-ness. 

    Soft Wax is better suited to larger areas, like your chest, arms, legs, and our virgin backs. Soft Wax adheres to your skin as well as to the hair, and uses the strips, which act like an exfoliant when they’re rrrrrrrrrriped off. 

    Soft Wax is applied with a waxing spatula before being removed using a muslin strip, and it’s what people think of when they think of waxing. 

  • Waxing Versus Shaving: The Benefits

    Waxing Versus Shaving: The Benefits

    If you're thinking about getting into the waxing lifestyle, these are the reasons why people prefer waxing over shaving... 

    Waxing lasts longer 

    When you shave, you're cutting the hair off on the surface level. Not only does that leave stubble, but it grows back way quicker. With waxing, hair is being removed from the follicle. Depending on your unique genetic makeup, the average wax can last anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks.

    Waxing leaves you with smoother skin

    Waxing over time as part of a beauty regimen results in your hair growing back finer, reduced skin inflammations and shaving rashes caused by razors, and also works like exfoliation for your skin. The result is smooooooother skin. 

    Fewer ingrown hairs and itching 

    A professional waxing specialist will knowledgeably ensure they remove the wax strips in the way best proven to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. This involves a fast removal whilst the skin is held tight. Many people find that, immediately post-shave, they experience itching, and then as soon as regrowth starts, the itching ramps up again. With waxing, you’ll be itch-free for longer.

  • Three Downtown Locations to Service the Bushes of Shanghai

    Three Downtown Locations to Service the Bushes of Shanghai

    Strip has three locations -- in Jing'an Kerry Center, in the iapm, and in Xintiandi -- offering waxing services to men and women. 

    We went to the Jing'an Kerry Center one because it was close and there is also a Shake Shack there, which we figured would be a good reward for getting our back waxed.

    Like one for them and one for us, you know. Gotta keep the universe karmically aligned. 

  • Check Out the Sassy Interiors!

    Check Out the Sassy Interiors!

    Very distinct decor! Very jaunty! Lots of bold colors! Lots of synchronised smiles... 

    Strip at the Jing'an Kerry Center is on the B1 floor and down one of the corridors. They occupy a few private rooms at the back of the shop.  Feels like you're sneaking into the place. It’s discrete and approachable. 

  • This Is Where the Magic Happens

    This Is Where the Magic Happens

    Comfy. Lots of privacy. Just me, the "Waxpert", and the SmartShanghai photographer, whose entire career is just taking pictures of me with my shirt off these days. Good thing he underwent all that technical training!

    "Just make sure the pictures are soft focus and you photoshop the hell out of them." 

  • Strip Can Wax Your Everything

    Strip Can Wax Your Everything

    So, yeah, the services offered at Strip encompass your entire body and whatever follicle situation you might be in. The menu is separated into Men's and Women's body bits and then by wax category: Hard or Soft Wax. For some areas, you can choose either according to your preference, but some areas they only do the one or the other. 

    For Brazilians, they offer the service to women clients only, and in the Hard Wax category. And then the price breakdown is by the formation you want -- "full bikini", "clipping down the front", and so on and so forth. 

    (They also have a handy little chart here so you can see what sort of style you want.)

    For Upper Body, they do basically everything: arms, shoulders, chests, stomach, nipples, navels, and full back and shoulders. 

    Lower Body, is legs and thighs, Hands and Feet are — wait for it — your hands and feet. 

    They also can wax almost every part of your Face: eyebrows, forehead, neck, jawline, upper and lower lip, chins — you get the idea.

    Prices are between 70rmb from quick and simple hair removals to around 500rmb for full back, chest, and leg waxing.

    But they also have special deals on celebrating the 21st anniversary!

  • RRRIP ZAP POOF: 50% OFF Your First Brazilian at Strip!!

    RRRIP ZAP POOF: 50% OFF Your First Brazilian at Strip!!

    Strip is celebrating 21 years in the biz by offering a special deal: 210rmb for your first Brazilian Wax trial which is valued at 420rmb. The offer can be redeemed at any of their three shops in Shanghai before December 31, 2023. It's only available to new women customers and can only be purchased once and requires a reservation.

    Click here to purchase.

    They are also running weekly promotions on their WeChat platform with lots of giveaways and freebies for people who participate. Every week, they ask one question to the audience, with a winner chosen at random to receive one free waxing session (underarm, half arm, lower leg, eyebrows, or Black Out Mask). If you want to get in on that, check out Strip's WeChat below, and make sure to get your responses in every week. 

  • Let's Do This!

    Let's Do This!

    We opted for one of the most in-demand common man-wax treatment for men: the "full back". 

    Which is exactly what it sounds like. 

    Fellas, you can get your back hair situation fixed right up here. Get on it! 

    This is a Soft Wax category procedure — it’s a big surface area — and the wax is applied and removed with a muslin strip.

    We did a bit of research on it before going in and it's supposed to hurt on a scale from "yeah" to "oh HELL YEAH." 


  • Okay, So...

    Okay, So...

    ...they start you off with a good scrubbing to clean your back and get you ready for the ***checks notes*** hot wax! 


    There are some nerves when this is going on. Definitely some nerves. Not gonna lie. Expect some nerves. 

    My follicle situation going in wasn't TOO bad. Like my back hair exists but it's not too overbearing. It ain't exactly lush. I want to say it's "sparse" and "sporadically present" in certain areas. 

    The wax goes on hot.  It's hot alright.

    Yeah, it's hot.  

  • And Then...

    And Then...



    I mean, oh yeah. Yeah! You can feel that! 

    But, honestly... wasn't as bad as expected. I'm delighted to report. If that's anti-climactic, it is what it is. 

    It feels exactly like someone yanking your hair.  What can I tell you, it's exactly that.  It's a quick tug, a brief flash of --OHSHIT!1!!-- and then the shock quickly dissipates into a hot sensation. 

    And they're on to the next strip before you know it. 

  • I Was Surprised...

    I Was Surprised...

    ... at how quick it was. I've mainly got hair — well, I used to  around my shoulders and my lower back. The Waxpert ripped through all of it in like 12 minutes.

    It was seriously quick.


  • Super Effective Pain Management System

    Super Effective Pain Management System

    This right here is Strip's in-house pain management expert. If the going gets rough, you're invited to squeeze the holy hell out of this guy.

    (It works!)

  • My, my! That IS Smooth!

    My, my! That IS Smooth!

    For the first 24 hours after your treatment, they tell you to avoid hot showers, saunas, or any other activity that will cause you to sweat. You're also not supposed to wear tight clothes.  After 24 hours, you take a cool shower and use a gentle moisturiser to get your skin hydrated. 

  • Congrats to Strip! Check Out Their WeChat Here...

    Congrats to Strip! Check Out Their WeChat Here...

    There you have it! Strip is celebrating their 21st anniversary with their 50% off Brazilians deal for new female guests. That's ongoing and good until the end of the year for people who sort themselves out and call ahead. 

    Don't forget to sign up to Strip's WeChat account to see if you can score one of those weekly give-aways as well.