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SmSh x SCAA: Adopt These Adorable Cuties!

Harry, Mei Li, Petal & Catarina need loving homes. Maybe you've got space in yours?
2020-09-17 15:00:00
SmartShanghai loves animals. We have a whole section on our site for people to adopt animals (no sales, ever). Second Chance Animal Aid loves animals. They have been rescuing, fostering and helping animals in Shanghai get adopted since 2005. Their former fosters now live on every continent except Antarctica. They rely solely on donations.

We're back for September, doing our best to help a few animals out, with the help of Allen Lee, the photographer behind PawPaw Studio. A big thanks to Lee and his team for donating their time to help out a few animals in need.

To be ready for adoption, all foster animals receive vet care basics, including parasite control, vaccinations, and spay-neuter, as well as treatment for any injuries or illness at SCAA's vet partner Shanghai PAW.

For adoption procedures, please visit this SCAA page and get in touch with them about foster animals looking for a forever family.


Harry is a senior Golden Doodle over 12 years old. He was rescued a couple years ago and his microchip traced to a registered owner. Unfortunately, that person said Harry had been lost over 5 years ago, and they'd gotten another dog since. They didn't want him back. So Harry remained happily fostered.

SCAA took Harry under their wing when his fosters left China after Chinese New Year. Harry has been a sweet, affectionate, easy-going, and slightly lazy dog. Harry has typical senior dog afflictions, but he's not discouraged by the blindness in one eye that's slowly taking over the other. Harry may bump into furniture, but nothing stops him from excitedly finding you for much-needed attention.

Harry is in good health for his age. He's vaccinated, has parasite control, and is neutered. He sometimes suffers from mild skin issues. Potential adopters should be prepared for the added time and costs an elderly animal brings. After all he's been through, Harry deserves a great retirement home for his sunset years.

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Mei Li

Mei Li is as beautiful a cat inside as out. One of the friendliest rescues ever, Mei Li strolled up to her rescuer in a parking lot and wrapped her paws around her leg - pretty much sealing the deal for a limited space in foster care.

A family-friendly and cat-friendly feline, Mei Li is well suited to any cat lover's home. She's a talkative, curious, and cuddly cat who makes friends easily. She's ready and waiting for a forever home eager to share all their time and space with a needy pet. Mei Li has parasite control, vaccinations, and was recently spayed.

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Petal & Catarina

Petal and Catarina are the remaining pair of a quartet of baby kittens dramatically rescued from deep inside an air conditioner well after their mother hid them there then sadly died. They cried for days, alerting a rescuer to their plight.

Over two years later, their brothers have been adopted while the sisters are happily settled into their long term foster home. Their chance at an attentive adoptive home is overdue! Petal and Catarina enjoy napping in sunbeams, playing coy for treats, and doing everything together. These girls are the definition of inseparable. Happy and healthy, the sisters are up-to-date with all the vet care basics.

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