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Fellas, Get Your Beach Bods Ready for the Summer at JSquared

The men’s spa’s new Pudong outlet has a new treatment to eradicate blemishes, acne, ugliness from your life…
2023-04-18 10:00:00

In Partnership with JSquared

Hot men of Pudong, JSquared is now open in your area with the mission of CLEANING YOUR WHOLE DEAL UP with their terrific, state-of-the-art, and essential spa and beauty treatments.

Unwanted body hair, unwanted collagen, unwanted acne BE GONE like never before at the new JSquared. Pudong men, it's time to make the outer you match your inner beautiful and gorgeous selves with these high end and really quite amazing men's spa programs.

Introducing JSquared

If you haven't been to guys only spa JSquared yet you should check it out because it's a warm and personable spa experience hosted by one lovely guy named "J" and also another lovely guy named "J".

Their new location in Luijiazui, their fifth in Shanghai, is a serene, private, high-end VIP spa sort of experience tucked away in the back of the Super Brand Mall. Very professional. Very welcoming. Very much a beautiful little VIP oasis away from the hustle of Shanghai commercial district.

The Classic Treatments: Hair Removal, Muscle Tone, Skin Care

JSquared's all male therapists can help you fix up and / or pamper your body and / or soul with four treatments: Hair Removal for your entire body (the painless, freezing-the-root kind); Skin and Scalp Care, which is a wondrous 10-step facial using French brand Gemolgy, Healthcare, which is their electromagnetic pulse machines that target and break down your fat cells in specific areas; and their in-house style Manicure.

The company adopts European and American products for customers, including the German semiconductor 808 laser hair removal instrument...

...American Alura's healthcare technology for electromagnetic body sculpting...

and French mineral gem skincare brand Gemology for skin care and facials.

New Body Brightening and Delicate Care Treatment

Specific to their new Liujiazui location, JSquared has a new Body Brightening and Delicate Care treatment program designed to even out your skin tone, get rid of acne and blemishes, and cleanse and hydrate the skin.

Basically, if you're going to be hitting up some pool parties this summer and you want to be your most radiant, incandescent, and resplendent self, you should get on this Body Brightening program to even out your skin tone and get rid of acne and blemishes wherever you need it: chest, waist and back — even your private bits and nipples.

JSquared uses all natural algae and Thalassa products from French brand, Thalgo and a microdermabrasion machine to smooth the skin for a clearer complexion. Your intrepid SmartShanghai man's spa correspondent went and had his back done, and it was a terrific and soothing process, and left us feeling glorious and ready for some poolside frolicking.

Prices and Contact

Depending on your treatment course, you'll probably want to get a package deal, so you can go back for multiple sessions in the areas you want to work on, be it hair removal, muscle toning, or skin care. Their packages go from 5000rmb to 50,000rmb with discounts on treatments ranging from 20% to 60% off.

They also do free consulting, so you can just get in touch and learn more about whatever you might be interested in. Check out JSquared's new Luijiazui location (and the four other ones) right here.

Search them out on WeChat (JSquared) to get in touch.