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Symphonic Metal from Silent Elegy, Indie Rock from No Party for Cao Dong, and More

Dec 12, 2016 | 18:39 Mon
Another weekend has passed and with another round of solid shows nailed into Shanghai's rock coffin. The Molds didn't disappoint last Sunday at Harley's and the new Yang Fan project TOW was super icy. On the rock front, things are expected to cool off for next few weeks or so. If you're sticking around for the holidays like me then let's dig deep together. Got a few interesting gigs on tap for this week. I'd like to tell you about them. So here we go...




A solid Monday booking down at Yuyintang with post-rock act All Shall Be Well. While many instrumental bands tend to use nature references and imagery, All Shall Be throws down a different concept with each album. Their latest piece titled GEELZWART has a theme that centers on interpreting classical composers like Beethoven into a rock format. After listening to the album I didn't pick up on the Amadeus vibe as it sounded like pretty straightforward cinematic soundscape bangers to me. Nonetheless, these guys play some intense guitar riffs and have interesting arrangements so the show should not disappoint any Shanghai post-rock fans out there. Starts at 9pm and is not cheap at 120rmb on the door.



Hot off an American tour, one of Taiwan's most respected indie rock acts who go by the name No Party For Cao Dong stops by MAO Livehouse on Friday. Instruments-wise, they put together your classic elements of indie / alt / post-rock but vocally they throw in a bit of that early '90s hardcore that keeps me coming back for more. Along with the technically proficient double guitars, you'll find a splattering of synths that make this high energy band danceable at times. Tired of standing around falling asleep at your standard post-rock gig? Time to wake up because No Party For Cao Dong is coming and this show is going to a busy one. The concert runs early from 8pm to 10pm and unfortunately pre-sale tickets are sold out. If you show up early with 150rmb you still have a small chance of getting in.


I have to make an apology to all the SmartShanghai readers. My coverage of Chinese melodic symphonic metal bands as of late has been nothing less than dismal. That all stops now with a preview of Friday's Silent Elegy show at Inferno. This Beijing group has been playing their brand of opera style symphonic metal since 2013 and have just finished their first full-length opus album titled Gone With The Wind. With very direct influences from Scandinavian bands like Night Wish, Silent Elegy claim to be the only Chinese act currently playing symphonic metal with female vocals. Maybe opera based metal might not be for everyone but give this album a listen from beginning to end. If you are not a convert I guarantee you'll at least get some joy from the experience. See the whole thing live and in person on Friday for an 80RMB cover. What does one wear to a metal opera?



Another band that rep the rock-and-symphony sound are Shanghai's own Plastic Chocolate, playing Yuyintang on Saturday. Earlier this year Plastic Chocolate released an album titled Perfect World which adds a touch of post-rock in the vein of Sigur Ros with various alt-rock elements that have stuck around from the bands extended past. This show is a real Shanghai locals round-up of varied styles with our friends Blue Magpie rocking out with Dirty Fingers. I'm not 100% sure about the flyer being labeled "Brit Rock Junkies" but if you're looking to taste some of Shanghai's hardest working bands then this is the show for you. All this and more can be yours for just 60rmb.

I want to start a symphonic metal band that sings operas about Burger King and his crusade to Hangzhou. Come round Knights of The Whopper and join my quest for the eternal orange soda.


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