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BACK FROM THE DEAD: JZ and YKL Bars Move to the Underground

Death and rebirth on Julu Lu -- the Da Tong Mill rises from the grave.
Last updated: 2016-08-18
[In our continued coverage of Ghost Month...]

Back around 2005 to 2009, one of Shanghai's main bar strips was a seedier bit of business called Tongren Lu (shoutout La La Land and Woodstock bar). Then, ahead of the World Expo and also a big, important hotel moving in across the street, a real rain came in and washed all the scum off the streets. Many of the Tongren Lu "girlie bars" moved to a pit on Julu Lu called the Da Tong Mill / Mall. Shanghai was grimier then, and The Mill was an underground maze of hooker bars, 7th-tier clubs, farmer rococo, and vulgarity, sent from the streets to a lower layer of hell. It was short lived. The whole development closed in under two years, and only occasionally reopened for markets and fairs like KTGA.

Da Tong Mill. Remember?