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Daniel An's Taste Buds Turns 5, Free Hot Dogs and Guest Shifts From Every Bartender Ever

By Oct 21, 2020 Nightlife
How quick they grow on an all-alcohol (and now hot dog) diet.

The Taste Buds group started by cocktail bar impresario Daniel An (which, at current count, has included The Antique, Taste Buds Cocktail Palace, Atelier, RTD, the short-lived Don Club and its immediate replacement Taste Buds) is celebrating its fifth anniversary this week by double-stacking bartender guest shifts through to Sunday. Seriously, they have multiple flyers for each night because they can't fit all these cocktail people on one. *deep breath*

Cross Yu of Epic & Timothee of Bar Mixato on October 21.

Popolo's James Liu & Allen Peng and two-time Chivas Master Saxo on October 22.

The Docker's Sam Wang & Rainbow Deng showcase Campari while Geo of TBD reps Camus on October 23.

Shakira of Wuhan's S-Triple Gate and Allen Fang of Nest guest shift on October 24.

Finally (finally) Hugo Yang from Bar Pi with Dave Lam from Slat Banca on October 25.

The cocktail bar's cocktail bar, Taste Buds is. If none of those names mean anything to you, they've promised 100 free hot dogs every night. Wansui!

Taste Buds is located at 4/F, 17 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Changle Lu / 襄阳北路17号4楼, 近长乐路.



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