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Guinness Gatehouse Closes Less Than a Year After Opening

By - Photos: Brandon McGhee Nov 20, 2020 Nightlife
Word is that Guinness Gatehouse has closed. Their phone number is suspended, and people working with them have confirmed it's shuttered. Not for renovation. Fully shut, less than a year after opening.

After opening some time in December — we think, the opening went mostly unmarked — the giant, two-story Guinness flagship, just down the street from Jing'an Temple, struggled to pull in the sort of crowd giant flagships need to make a rent, even with machine that could print your face on a pint.

Personally, I think it's because it didn't feel like a pub. No dart board, no pool table, no soundtrack composed mostly of 80s hits. Instead, it went for some sort of a sit-down dinner vibe. It's also just been a tough year, and there's always the possibility of strange goings-on behind the scenes, but for a brand this big, making it less than a year is... rough.

One last, last Guinness joke:

Three employees from Carlsberg, Heineken and Guinness walk into a pub. The Carlsberg employee orders a Carlsberg, the Heineken employee orders a Heineken and the Guinness employee orders a diet coke with a slice of lemon and no ice.

The Heineken and Carlsberg employees ask the Guinness employee why they ordered a coke. The Guinness employee responds "Well neither of you are having a beer so I didn't want to be the only one."



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  • 2 months ago Gr_xav

    1: Truly awful cocktails. The best one tasted like Guinness and listerine. By all means have one or two custom Guinness mixes but no more.

    2. Tiny pints. Loads of other bars have pint glasses or 500 ml glasses. Why not here? Fundamental error.

    3. Food was ok. The portions were too small.

    4. No launch publicity.

    5. A bar with a sports bar vibe in at least one section but no sports. Maybe Covid-19 wrecked plans.

  • 2 months ago swsh89

    Didn’t even know that place existed...