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[How To]: Use an App to Donate Your Clothes

Declutter your closet and get your clothes to an organization in need — that’s win/win…
2023-06-20 12:00:00
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Looking to clean out your closet and donate some clothes to charity? There are a bunch of different app platforms you can use to do just that, depending on your exact situation and the items you're trying to get rid of. We'll list off a bunch of different ones and then go into detail on how to use Feimayi — pretty much the main one that everyone uses to donate unwanted clothes to charity.

A few caveats: One, make sure your clothes are fit for secondhand consumption, as in worn but not too worn. And two, most of these apps deal in bulk. So make sure you're coming to the table with at least 3kg to 5kgs worth of stuff to donate.

白鲸鱼 Bai Jing Yu

Baijingyu is a platform that facilitates the recycling of old clothes, in addition to a bunch of other charitable initiatives. You can search for Baijingyu on Alipay or donate your items through their WeChat mini program. Baijingyu offers a range of charity projects that you can support, such as aiding stray cats and dogs or providing help to underprivileged students in poor areas. People who are planning on getting into heaven know about Baijingyu. You can find updates on different public charity activities on the platform.

闲鱼 Xian Yu

Xianyu is the largest second-hand trading platform in China — clothes, electronics, everything. You can sell second-hand clothes and basically anything else you no longer need on this platform. You can buy second-hand items as well. Xianyu also provides a free door-to-door service for old clothes in large quantities.

多抓鱼 Duo Zhua Yu

Similar to Xianyu, Duozhuayu is a durable goods recycling store — clothes, books, and electronic products. You can also buy second-hand products if you need to, but this platform only works with a limited number of brands.

顺丰公益寄件 Shun Feng Gong Yi Ji Jian

SF Express is a delivery company but they've got a special program for people who are sending clothing bundles to specific charity organizations. The donation process is transparent, it's easy to track the whereabouts of your donated clothes afterward. If you already have an address you want to send your clothes to, check this one out.

飞蚂蚁 Fei Ma Yi

Feimayi is the main clothing donation platform, in use in 30 cities throughout China. This is the one you want if you've got a big bundle of clothes that you don't wear anymore and you want to get them to a charity.

To donate, the clothes you want to give away need to be clean and well-packaged. There is no delivery fee but each clothing donation must weigh at least 3kg. This platform also offers targeted donations, where you can choose to donate things to impoverished students in specific areas among other options. After making a donation, you get feedback to confirm that your donation has reached those in need.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to donate clothes via the Feimayi WeChat mini program:

Step 1

Search for 飞蚂蚁 (fei ma yi) in the WeChat search bar to enter the mini program.

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Step 2

Click on 旧衣回收 jiu yi hui shou (donate your old clothes) on the homepage of the mini program.

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Step 3

Please provide your personal information, including the 取件时间 qu jian shi jian (expected pick-up time), as well as 取件地址 qu jian di zhi (your name, phone number, and address), and the 预估重量 yu gu zhong liang (estimated weight of your donated clothes). Once you have completed filling out all the information, click the blue button in the lower middle to confirm.

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Step 4

Once you click the confirm button, you will be directed to the next page. Please ensure that your clothes are clean and in good wearable condition. The weight of your clothes should be at least 3 kg. Also, ensure there are no valuable items left in the pockets of the clothes you wish to donate. Once you have confirmed the above information, please click the blue button again.

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Step 5

Upon reaching this page, it indicates that your order has been successfully received. Pack your clothes and ensure that you are at home during the designated time you have chosen.

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