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[How To]: Upload Your Antigen Test Results So You Can Leave Shanghai

On your way out? Ayyy, safe travels! Here's how to sort your test results so they'll let you out.
2022-04-01 12:00:00
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Starting from tonight -- April 2, 2022 -- people leaving Shanghai need to show their negative antigen test results obtained within 24 hours, along with their negative nucleic acid test results obtained within 48 hours. People without these reports will be asked to leave from whatever exit point they're at -- airport, seaport, railway station, highway entrance, camel, hot air balloon, helicopter launch pad -- and go get 'em.

That's less than ideal. Make sure you get your test results organized before undertaking your trip.

A quick explainer:

The anitgen test is the home self test that you might have already come across. Here is how to buy it in Shanghai.

The nucleic acid test is the one administered at various testing locations around Shanghai.

In order to travel, you need to have these two different test results uploaded into your Smartphone. The nucleic acid test should be in your phone automatically through the HealthCloud app. The antigen test, you have to go get, do it yourself, and then upload it yourself. Here's how to sort your antigen self-test results.

The self-test result needs to be scanned into the WeChat MiniProgram "Yiceda" (疫测达). Here are the steps:

1) Search for 疫测达 on WeChat.

There are a few fake versions of this MiniProgram out there that are after your personal data. Make sure you click on the one that has the same icon as the one in our screenshot.

2) On the landing page, click "去记录" and fill your personal information.

3) Identification:

There are two ways of identification. If you have a Chinese ID, click the first one; if you want to use your passport, click the one that says "其他",which means "other". In terms of the address, you just have to provide your province, city, and district.

4) Photo Upload:

Upload a photo proof of your negative test result, and then scan the QR code on your kit or on the box. Submit.