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PAW Vet Clinic on How to Commemorate Pets When They Pass Away

PAW helps to deal with the loss of a pet and preserve their memories…
2023-07-10 12:00:00

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Dealing with our pets' passing is the biggest challenge to pet ownership. Although time heals all wounds eventually, sorrow and sadness are inevitable with the loss of a family member. To help with the grief, there are many ways pet owners can commemorate the life of their pet after they've passed on. As veterinarians at PAW Veterinary Clinic, and as pet lovers ourselves, we can help owners to make souvenirs of their departed pets and organize small ceremonies in order to relieve the pain of losing a family member.

Fur Keepsakes

After the pet passed away, vets at PAW can create a small fur keepsake, collecting and binding together fur in a durable nylon thread.

Clay Footprints

One way to remember the "footprint" our pets made in our lives is a clay footprint sculpture of their paw, as a keepsake, which we can provide upon request after the event. (P.S. Just a kind reminder: please remember that the fur under the foot should be shaved, so that a clear image of the paw could be obtained).

Cremation Services and Ceremonies

Upon the pet's passing, PAW will be in contact with the cremation services provider, arranging transportation. Professional staff will pick them up at the designated location and then transport them to the cremation center. Once the cremation is done, the ashes will be sent back to the clinic or the owners' home. Farewell ceremonies are available for owners who would like a more formal send-off to their pets, saying goodbye to their cherished family members in an organized service. Cinerary crystal stones are also available.

Commemorative Urns

For pet owners who are so inclined, the purchasing of a commemorative urn to hold the pet's ashes is also an option. Moreover, you are able to customize your own urn, forged in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi.

Pet Portraiture

For owners looking for an artistic memory of their departed pets, we at PAW Veterinary Clinic recommend Maya, an extremely talented artist on social media. Upon request, we can make the connection for guests who would like their pets represented in a work of art keepsake to preserve their memory.


As poet owners and lovers, we all know eventually the heartbreaking moment will arrive someday. An important step to deal with grief is to commemorate our pets for the lives they lived and the memories we made together. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with PAW Veterinary Clinic for all your veterinary needs. And remember to celebrate your lives now with your pets and take the time today to make those memories.


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