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The Top Five Tallest Skyscrapers Being Built Right Now in Shanghai

Shanghai reaches for the sky with five new supertalls under construction.
2023-05-23 12:00:00

It's exciting times for people who are into tall buildings (and if you live here, who isn't?). With construction ongoing right now, Shanghai is doubling its number of "supertall" skyscrapers (towers above 300 meters). Currently, the city has five of them, and it took almost 20 years to reach that number since its first supertall tower, the Jinmao Tower, opened in 1998. Now, there are five more under construction at the same time, with most slated to open within the next three years and the tallest by 2030.

For some context on these new guys, the two tallest buildings in Shanghai are the Shanghai Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center, at 632 meters (128 floors) and 492 meters (101) floors, respectively. The Shanghai Tower is going to hang on to the crown for a little while longer, but here are a few that are coming close.

Scroll on to see what's about to shape our city's skyline in the next few years.

Xujiahui ITC

Projected stats: 370 meters; 70 floors.

Stretching up to 370 meters, this will be the tallest tower in Puxi for a few years before the last entry on this list assumes the mantle. This supertall building near Grand Gateway sits on top of a historically significant location: the first SmartShanghai office ("office", rather, now turn down). Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and built by Sun Hung Kai Properties, they're hoping to repeat the success of the IFC project in Pudong. There are two towers in the project, with the taller one being 370 meters tall, adding another 70 stories of Grade A office floors to the city, plus another Andaz Hotel on top.

Zhangjiang Door to Science

Projected stats: 320 meters; 59 floors.

The city continues to grow and expand outward at a breakneck pace, with skyscrapers spreading out beyond the city's downtown. These two supertall towers are pretty far outside Zhangjiang, about an hour's drive from the city center. You can actually see them from very far away or when you drive to the airport. Once completed in 2024, the twin 320-meter-high towers, dubbed the "Gate of Science", will become the tallest twin towers in Shanghai. "Gate of Science" because the Lujiajui Zhanghjiang Science City project is slated to become a hub for biomedicine and artificial intelligence, among other science-y things. Construction began in 2019 and will be completed in 2024.

Greenland Bund Centre

Projected stats: 300 meters; 60 floors.

South of the Bund, old Shanghai hands might remember this location as the original fabric market. Luckily, they've kept the St. Francis Xavier church on Dongjiadu Lu, which dates from 1853 and is the city's oldest Catholic house of worship. They're building around it, and it will be integrated into the new complex of malls and offices. Greenland Bund Center is a group of four towers containing Grade A office buildings and a five-star hotel, with the tallest one being just exactly 300 meters. It already topped out last year and is expected to open later this year.

North Bund Center

Projected stats: 480 meters; 99 floors.

Puxi's tallest building will be on the North Bund, just a little north of the W Hotel. Construction just started last month, and expected completion is in 2024. The press release describes the concept as a "vertical city," housing various programs including offices, hospitality, and sightseeing attractions, with the top of the tower open to the public. The crown's form resembles a magnolia, the city flower of Shanghai.Isn't that nice?