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Termites Are Everywhere and We Talked to a Pest Control Brah About It

'Tis the season for termite love...
2023-05-30 18:00:00

This article was originally published on May 31st, 2022. Termites are back, exactly one year later. We kept in the reference to the lockdown ... sweet memories.


Termites are here, y'all. It's termites time. It happens once a year. Just loads of termites are out hitting that sweet spot when the good weather intersects with their mating season. It's like 2-4-1 sangria pitchers night out there for these termites man, I'm telling you. It's termite ladies night, I'm telling you! These termites are single and ready to mingle!

Well, what would YOU do if you've been all cooped up and not allowed out for a bunch of months to go mate!

You'd probably go friggin' craaaazy that's what!!!

SmartShanghai blasted this story wide open and interviewed a pest control brah from Pony Pest to learn more about these crazy swinger termites.

Hey, just happy to be writing about something other than lockdown for today but feel free to RAGE in the comments all the same.



SmartShanghai: What are those little flies we see flying around? Termites, eh? Gotta be termites.

Pony Pest Brah: Termites. Possibly one of the oldest social insects on earth. Termites have a history of more than 250 million years and are one of the ten major pests that threaten the world's plants. They damage a wide range of things in addition to plants... housing infrastructure, agricultural products...

SmSh: Interesting. They only appear for a few days every year? I've heard they have only the briefest of windows in which to TCB (take care of business).

PPB: In Shanghai, termites usually reproduce from March to June and are most likely to appear during this period of time. As for the peak, it's in May and June when the weather is warm and humid.

SmSh: Is it true that they usually die after a few hours? They hit it and quit it? As in quit LIFE ITSELF?

PPB: Yes, but their reproduction rate is quite high and they are very harmful to wood furniture especially.

SmSh: If I'm anti-termite and I don't want them mating all over my stuff, should I use mosquito spray to kill them?

PPB: Termites can be killed using sprays. But if the number is very high, then it's better to find a pest control company.

SmSh: But what if I want to DIY my termite situation. Have you got any tips for getting rid of them by myself?

PPB: Depends on how many. If the number of termites is small, you may close the window, leave one lamp on, and put a bowl of water underneath to attract them and get them all at once. If the number is large, you need to contact pest company. We also suggest keeping your place tidy to prevent termites in peak months.

SmSh: Why does Shanghai specifically have so many termites? It's like biblical, eh? It's biblical out there, isn't it? Do you think it's a sign of the apocalypse? Is God pissed about something?

PPB: No, it's a sign of warm weather and high humidity.

SmSh: We heard that the trees in Xuhui that were planted by the French during that time in history are not suitable for the hot climate of Shanghai and a perfect place for termites to breed. Should we blame the French? I'm okay with blaming the French, just say the word.

PPB: Unfortunately, I don't have any information about that...

SmSh: There seem to be more terminates this year compared to other years. That's just my gut feeling, I haven't done the research. Can I blame the lockdown for this?

PPB: Unfortunately, I don't have any information about that...

SmSh: The water in my compound's lil' lake guy hasn't been cleaned or changed for two months, so I'm seeing more mosquitos now. Is this the same for termites? Is there no respite from life's constant agony? Why must I suffer so?

PPB: Unfortunately, I don't have any information about that. However, light and water attracts insects, including termites...

SmSh: Are they dangerous for humans? Are they dangerous for babies? What about if they got hit with like a bunch of nuclear waste and power lines fell on them, and were then transformed into like 10-foot-tall monsters with x-ray laser beams for eyes and radioactive pincer claws like RAAAARRRRR?

PPB: They are not harmful to humans. They eat wood and fibre so the damage is mainly on books, cupboards, floors and wood furniture.

SmSh: At what point should I call a pest control company to get rid of termites? I'm guessing BEFORE they transform into 10-foot monsters, ahhhh!

PPB: When you notice there is a high number (dozens for example) or when you notice there is a nest. In this case, if you try to get rid of them by yourself, it's highly likely that termites will be alarmed and escape everywhere in your space, so it will be much harder to get them all.

SmSh: Can you tell us a bit more about your company? What other services are you offering?

PPB: We're a pest control company. Call us if you want to control your pests.

SmSh: Right on.


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