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Need Storage Space Before the Big Move? Check Out You You Space.

You You Space offers clean, affordable, temperature controlled, security monitored storage units
2022-09-13 12:00:00

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If you're in the process of relocating your life or business elsewhere, need to free up that second bedroom for guests coming in to town, or just need to clear up some of your stuff before you figure out what to do with it, you should check out this dedicated self storage facility, You You Space. An internationally recognized company, they offer clean, affordable, temperature controlled, security monitored storage units that you can access any day of the week, day or night.

You You Space is among the biggest professional 24-hour self storage facility in the country, with over a thousand units located in Shanghai.

Storage sizes and pricing

The size of private self-storage varies from 0.7 to 30 cubic meters, and the unit prices range from a few hundred RMB to around 2000rmb per month. They have around 20 different sizes to chose from, with sizes going from locker size — enough to fit a closet full of items — for a few hundred rmb, to garage-size rooms, which can fit two rooms of furniture for around 1000rmb per month — to larger warehouse-type units that can store full households, or serve as commercial or company storage.

Their English speaking support staff can offer consultation services on what size would best fit your needs. Short and long term contracts available.

To notch security and support

Each You You storage unit is individually secured and only accessible by your own key. They have 24-hour security and a closed circuit surveillance system, with uniformed support staff available during business hours. The facility is fully lit up and accessible to clients 24/7.

Clean, temperature controlled units

All units are indoor units with climate controlled features (temperature, humidity controlled). Therefore, not only normal personal belongings but also temperature sensitive items such as, oil paintings, musical equipment, antiques, perishable items like make-up, and electronic components can be stored.

International moving services also available

You You also provides worry-free professional in-house moving and relocation services to transport your items from your home to their warehouse to your final national or international destination as needed. Their Shanghai-based representatives are also available to provide the service in English, so you don't have to deal with new apps or private moving services. They also have packing materials available on-site.

International recognized, serving Shanghai's expat community

You You Storage is the first certified member company in China of the Self Storage Association of America serves a client base of local and expat customers from over 50 different countries. If you're in the middle of a big move and are looking for a reliable storage facility, get in touch with You You Space to explore your options.

Contact You You Space

If you have any needs in regard to moving, storage, and international relocation, please feel free to contact You You Space team:

Phone& Wechat: 15821030431