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Li Mu: Sol Lewitt + Lu Daode / Qiuzhuang Project

Finished Ended on Sun Aug 2, 2015
Aurora Museum
Aurora Building, 99 Fucheng Lu, near Dongchang Lu


This sounds interesting: started in 2012, Qiuzhuang Project is a long-term intervention by artist Li Mu, produced in his hometown. At its heart is the reproduction and exhibition of important works from the Netherlands' Van Abbemuseum. Lu selected ten pieces by eight international artists from the museum's collection, basing his decision on whether the works already show a connection to the village, or could forge a new one. To that end, you've got murals by local painter Lu Daode of two pieces by late American minimalist artist, Sol LeWitt. The exhibition documents the production process through video, photography and film. Grandly opens 19 June from 7pm