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Xu Zhen Store

Finished Ended on Tue Feb 28, 2017
MadeIn Gallery
Rm 106, 2879 Longteng Da Dao, near Fenggu Lu


Mega artist Xu Zhen is getting (even more) existential this fall, as his art corporation MadeIn Company (founded 2009) launch the 'Xu Zhen' brand inside its recently relocated West Bund spot. That's taking the form of - what else? - a retail store where visitors can pick up not just limited edition sculptures and paintings, but also home furnishings, clothing and gifts. Xu Zhen has form here: for years has been making digs at the contemporary art market - remember that fake convenience store earlier this year? Pushing ideas of celebrity, of ownership, and art as a commodity, this 'new cultural form' is nothing if not intriguing.