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'Der Elefantenpups' Kids' Orchestral Concert

Sat, Jul 27, 2024 , 2pm/4.30pm
Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Hall
1380 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Baoqing Lu


Also known as, 'Farting Elephant Plays Tuba' -- hey, it's for kids! -- 'Der Elefantenpups' is a child-friendly audiovisual symphonic concert, blending story and music. Based on a German picture book by Heidi Leenen with music by Christian Klaessen, it follows a friendly animal keeper, his elephant and his zoo friends as they explore the world of musical instruments and genres, like jazz, blues, and more. The book was commissioned by Schott Music as a clever way of introducing children to the characteristics of various instruments both working solo and in concert, with musical accompaniment and sound effects provided by a 19-musician orchestra. Good for children above age 3. Please note that children and adults tickets are the same price.