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About Quayola - Asymmetric Archaeology: Gazing Machines

Finished Ended on Sun Jun 2, 2019 , 10am
HOW Art Museum
No. 1, Lane 2277 Zuchongzhi Lu, near Shengxia Lu


This is Italian artist Quayola’s first large-scale solo exhibition in China, bringing together his artworks covering digital print, video, digital sculpture, and robotic installation. With the theme of “Asymmetric Archaeology”, Quayola uses digital technology to explore and reinterpret classical art forms such as ancient Hellenistic sculptures, old master paintings, and Baroque architecture, thus detaching them from iconographical semantics of the past and regenerating them into digital abstract works. Through the reconstruction carried out by peculiar mechanisms and complex algorithms, Quayola leads the audience into a new round of contemplation far away from the original context of art history and the natural environment.