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Samajam 2: Kids Participatory Musical Experience

Finished Sat, Apr 27, 2024 , 10:30/15:30
Theatre YOUNG
1155 Kongjiang Lu


An entirely interactive musical experience where the audience is the show. The Canadian performance troupe "Samajam" presents a show for families, creating musical happenings with the help of their young audiences. After a successful tour last year, they're back in China, taking their audience on a journey through the culture and music of South America. Lively show leaders on stage will teach the audience basic music theory and lead parents and kids in percussive group performances with instruments provided. Tickets range from 180rmb to 380rmb.

The Grand Update of Interactive Instruments, the Superb Debut of REMO Djembe

The interactive instruments were upgraded into a new level in 2019. Upholding the high-quality performance standards, the Grand Boat Culture introduced Djembe to the internationally famous brand REMO at a hefty cost. Each Djembe cost around 2000 rmb. We wish to bring the best musical interactive experience to children through international high-quality percussion instruments.


Djembe is also known as the African drum, the representative instrument of Manding culture in West Africa. Djembe has a long history, which is originated from Marley Dynasty (BC 500) built by the Manding people in the 13th century. With tones of low, medium and high, it is one of the representative and important percussion instruments from the origin of percussion music. Nowadays Djembe has already been spread around the world and played its unique role in different kinds of music and training area.

Djembe isn’t restricted to the traditional instrument intonation and can satisfy children’s sound-making nature mostly, improving children’s achievements of studying music. In the meanwhile, as flexible and expressive, Djembe is welcomed by various activities, such as children’s report-back performance and adults ‘league building performance. Everyone can enjoy the pleasure of playing Djembe happily!