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Touching by Xie Xin Dance Theatre

Finished Ended on Sat Aug 29, 2020 , 7.30pm
MIFA 1862
1777 Binjang Dadao, near Jimo Lu


Choreographer Xie Xin is one of the active contributors to China’s still young contemporary dance scene. She benefits from her understanding of traditional Chinese arts and is inspired by her own contemporary dance background. In 2005, she became soloist at the celebrated Jin Xing Dance Theatre in Shanghai. In 2011, she was a company member of the TAO Dance Theatre, one of China's most famous dance companies, and she later became one of its leading dancers. Xie Xin Dance Theatre, her own group, was founded in 2014. This performance will feature two original choreography pieces. “Yi Pie Yi Na (一撇一捺)”, which describes the Chinese character Ren (人), explores the logical deconstruction of human daily body movement. It digs into and enlarges the core of human experiences: feelings, desires, rage and vulnerability. “Touching” is a piece created by Xie Xin during quarantine, about mutual resonance and empathy shared by the entire human race during the special period.