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H27Gallery Presents: Simulacra Group Show

Finished Ended on Fri Jul 16, 2021 , 11.30am-10pm
1/F, 989 Changle Lu, near Changshu Lu
Free entry


H27 is a boutique curatorial outfit currently collaborating with a variety of emerging and established artists, with venues in Berlin and Shanghai. This time, H27 presents Shanghai's first NFT (non-fungible token) group show: Simulacra. This is in partnership with Xime and BCA (BlockCreateArt), the world's first decentralized art-tech platform that integrates the creation, trading, collection, and cultural & educational outputs of crypto art. Art by Zoe Li 李启菁, Jiayuan Peng 彭家园, and Connor YS Matla will be showcased at Simulacra, which derives from the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard's 1981 treatise Simulacra and Simulations.