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Turandot: Puccini Opera

Finished Ended on Sat Feb 19, 2022 , 7.15pm
Shanghai Grand Theatre
300 Renmin Da Dao, near Huangpi Bei Lu


Turandot, Puccini's final opera and one of the biggest blockbusters in the genre, transports us to a fantastical version of ancient China. There, the cold-hearted but beautiful princess Turandot challenges her suitors to a deadly game of wits. Only Calaf, an exiled prince, is hot-blooded enough to crack her icy veneer. The plot unfolds to music including "Nessun dorma," the most popular of all Italian tenor arias. Produced by Shanghai Opera House and premiered in Shanghai Grand Theater in January 2018, this production of Turandot will return to Shanghai at the end of the year, inviting famous soprano Hui He to play the role of Turandot, her first performance in China. Director Roberto Andò revisits this famed dark fairytale with his dreamy visions, and leads over 200 artists to transport audience to a beautiful but savage world. The performance is sung in Italian, with English and Chinese subtitles.