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Museum of Hangovers

Finished Ended on Mon Dec 5, 2022 , 10:30am-7pm (last entrance 6.30pm)
Ampire Building
97 Yuanmingyuan Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu


Stumbling in from Zagreb, comes the Museum of Hangovers, a multi-floor art installation exhibition of the folly and glory of binge drinking.

Billing itself as an "unforgettable place of forgettable things", the Museum of Hangovers is on in Rockbund, and features funny stories of blackout nights on the town, booze history and factoids, famous art inspired by the drunken pursuit of the muse, interactive multimedia gimmicks, a life-size statue of the porcelain god, and, naturally, a free drink with the 99rmb entry fee.

A fun diversion to spend an hour or so before heading off to the bar to create some art of your own. Read more about it on SmartShanghai here.