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Need for Speed: Superbike Classes and Racing with DB Racing

DB Racing Academy
3000 Shenzhuan Highway


Established in 2021, and based at the Tianma Circuit in Shanghai, DB Racing Academy is the first Italian motorcycle team and training center in China. Their passion is speed and they offer a serious but open and welcoming training environment and members clubhouse to connect motorcycle enthusiasts of all levels. At their Academy, they offer English (and Italian) language motorcycle training courses at beginning, intermediate, and professional levels, as well a safety and motorcycle maintenance instruction. Their in-house bikes (with rental options) include the Yamaha R1, Yamaha R6, and Aprilia RS 660.

For classes, depending on your skill level, you will be assigned a coach and a motorcycle to suit your abilities. Starting at the entry level “Amateur” classes, students will be learning the basics of safety, driving and turning on a pitbike in a special area on the track. Moving into more advanced training, coaches take you out on the actual speedway on proper superbikes. DB also offers bike rental services for seasoned riders at 30 minute session on the speedway. See the flyer for details.