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Where to go out, dance, and revel. Hand-picked events in Shanghai, curated by a team with combined decades in town.
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  • Harvest Happens

    Mami & Me are celebrating Halloween by offering both a cooking and a science classes. The cooking classes 'Little Chef' is open to children 2-5 years, will two lessons in the morning (9.15-10.30am or 11am-12.15pm) and will have kids...
  • Halloween Baking Class

    The Bund Foodie Company, a boutique mart located in BFC, is going to host baking classes for families with young kids. The class includes baking Halloween-theme cookies and afternoon tea party (yogurt, bread and fruits). There will also...
  • Outdoor Yoga on the West Bund

    Fall is a great season for yoga, because of the low pollution and super comfortable temperature! Outdoor Yoga Class, every Sunday 9-10am at West Bund Binjiang Park.
  • Laser Cutter Open Night

    Test your own idea by learning how to use the laser cutter. Their 80w Laser cutter can handle most of the material under 5mm thick. Including acrylic/paper/wood/fabric/leather and so on. Metal CAN NOT be cut but by the machine but...
  • Gingerbread Kids Camp

    Gingerbread baking class for kids 6 years and above. Pastry teachers Adele Wang Jingyi and Pâtisserie d’Aurillac will teach the children for baking class. Scan the QR code to register.
    • Community | SYB | on Nov 6 and Nov 7, 2020
  • Spooky Halloween Workshop

    To celebrate the spooky season, Queen of Arts is hosting Halloween-themed workshops. On two separate days, October 25 and 29, there will be two workshops. Workshop 1: 'S is for Sinister' is on October 25 10am-12.30pm and 5-7.30pm....
  • Pumpkin Painting

    Sip & Paint are celebrating Halloween with pumpkin painting. On October 21 and 31, classes will be from 2-4pm, and on October 23, 25 and 28, classes will be from 7-9pm. Scan the QR code to reserve.
    • Community | Sip & Paint | Daily except Mon, Tue & Thu until Oct 31
  • Community Yoga

    This is one of Linwards' most popular classes, located in the heart of the Former French Concession. It is being held on October 11 and October 31. Enjoy a 60-minute outdoor yoga class in the central courtyard of Ferguson Lane. The...
  • Jitterbugs' Early Childhood Classes

    Jitterbugs have just opened up their new Hongqiao venue. Classes focus on musical learning, and are available for children 1-4 years. 50% off at the new Hongqiao venue for a trial class. Scan the QR to register for classes.
    • Community | Jitterbugs | Daily except Sun until Dec 18
  • Kids Yoga Classes

    Yoga classes designed for children are held every Wednesday at Community Yoga. Classes are seperated into two age brackets: 3-6 years and 5-8 years. Scan the QR code to know more.
  • Mommy & Me – Music and Movement Classes

    Speckled Frog is beginning their weekly, Wednesday morning music class. Available to children 1-6 years, mothers will join their child for some musical fun. Scan the QR code to know more.
  • Spanish Classes for Kids

    Speckled Frog have started their new Spanish classes, where children will learn the language through music and play. The first time trial is at a discounted 80rmb. Scan the QR code to know more about Speckled Frog.