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Puppetry Theater: 'Brecht's Ghosts'

Finished Ended on Sun Jun 16, 2024 , 7:30pm/2pm/6pm
Theatre YOUNG
1155 Kongjiang Lu


Something for the kids (and folks who find puppets fascinating)...Theatre YOUNG in Shanghai presents an exclusive two-night engagement of 'Brecht's Ghosts', a haunting performance created and enacted by the innovative Suse Wächter. As the mastermind behind a world teeming with specters from the 20th century, Wächter brings to life over a hundred puppets, eerily echoing the undead who linger in our collective memory. This performance centers around the revered "Household Deity" of Berliner Ensemble, Bertolt Brecht, who is visited by the myriad spirits he encountered throughout his prolonged exile and upon his return to Theater am Schiffbauerdamm. Accompanied by two musicians and a skilled puppeteer, Wächter orchestrates an evening akin to a séance, allowing these diminutive beings with towering presences to enact their drama. The show, performed in German, offers English and Chinese subtitles to weave its audience seamlessly into the fabric of the narrative.