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Feng Li: White Nights in Wonderland

Finished Ended on Sun Feb 25, 2024 , 10:30am - 11pm
127 Guangfu Lu, near Jinyuan Lu
120rmb (for all the exhibits at Fotografiska)


This exhibition offers viewers a chance to delve into the contemporary social landscape through Feng Li's camera lens. Feng Li's photography has received accolades worldwide, from Paris to Tokyo and from Shanghai to his hometown of Chengdu. He has crafted his distinct visual language in photography, earning a well-deserved international reputation in the realms of street and fashion photography. Over more than two decades, his artistic journey has evolved in tandem with the medium of photography, and he remains committed to his unique artistic path. His work is distinguished by vibrant flashes, vivid colors, and a sharp eye for the extraordinary in everyday life.