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Shanghai French School Open Houses

Finished Jun 6 (Yangpu Campus), May 23 & Jun 13 (Qingpu Campus) , 17:30


Do you wish to join the LFS community this year or the school year 2024-2025, but don’t know where to start? Come to join their Open Houses in May and June, and learn everything you need to know about Shanghai French School!

These visits will enable you to:

- Meet the LFS team including the school leadership
- Get a presentation of our curriculum, our languages streams, and our programme dedicated to integrating non-French speaking students
- Ask all your questions
- Discuss with families who have enrolled their children at the LFS
- Visit our campuses

To register to one of our open houses, , scan the QR code of your choice depending on the campus you want to visit on the flyer, and choose your date.