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Chinese New Year – International Cooking Week

Finished Ended on Mon Feb 2, 1970 , 09:30-15:00
1/F, Bldg B, Zhongshan International Plaza, 789 Tianshan Xi Lu, near Xiehe Lu
580rmb single session; 2580rmb for full week


Cooking Institude CieCAS is hosting a weekly cooking class program from January 29 to Feburary Monday to Friday. In the five-day schedule, participants can learn how to make food and drinks from different countries around the world. This journey consists of cuisines and drinks of Thailand, China, France, and Italy.. The whole program is priced at 2580rmb per person, 3180rmb for 1 adult and 1 child below 10 (children above 10 need to book same price as adults). You can also book by day, which is 580rmb per person, or 730rmb for 1 adult and 1 child below 10.

January 29 Monday: Thailand

Tom Yum Kung (soup)

Pad Thai

Mango and Sticky rice


Sago & Guava Cream “Thai Style” 

Tuesday: France

Chestnut soup

Stuffed Chicken with Cranberry sauce

Lemon souffle

Beverage:Cool Paris

Wednesday: Italy


Lasagna with Green salad

Ricciarelli (almond biscuits)

Beverage:Italy Sunglow

Thursday: Sichuan (China)

Poached chicken with chili sauce

Steamed pork with sticky rice powder

Steamed rice cake

Beverage: Máitai Milk Tea

Friday: Shandong (China)

Braised prawn in oil 

Four joy meat balls

Sticky rice dough with sweet sesame filling

Beverage:Pomelo & Passion Fruit with Honey

CNY2580 for the whole week
* CNY3180 for supervising adult with a child below 10

Booking is also possible per day at CNY580
* CNY730 for adult and child below 10

Participants are limited per day (maximum 12 per group with an instructor).

Participants who complete a full week will receive a “Young Chef - Culinary Food Specialist (Certificate of Attendance)”.