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Miranda Chin Dance Company: Hè & The Rite of Spring

Finished Ended on Sat Apr 6, 2024 , 7:30pm/2pm
Shanghai International Dance Center
1650 Hongqiao Lu, near Shuicheng Lu


'Hè /Harmony' and 'The Rite of Spring' are a creative contemporary dance created by Dr. Miranda Chin, the first-generation modern dance choreographer in Hong Kong, and the Miranda Chin Dance Troupe she founded. The first half of the work is 'Harmony', with the background of the ink painting style of the famous graphic designer Kan Tai-keung, quoting the concept of traditional Chinese medicine meridians, and using the natural images of mountains, waterfalls, pine and cypress, and rivers as dance postures, combining traditional Chinese elements. The second half is 'The Rite of Spring', which is based on the ancient sacrificial rituals and is accompanied by the Western movement of Stravinsky's 'The Rite of Spring'. In the work, the dancers use the oriental implications in Tai Chi, pushing hands, and free fighting to express the 'origin of martial arts and dance'. At the end of the show, Miranda Chin will also guide the audience to do Tai Chi dance together.