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So Sorry - Jin Sangtae, Sun Yizhou, Maimai+Zhu Songjie, Shuride, Torturing Nurse, Jin Sangtae+Ciao Jun-Y

Finished Sun, Apr 14, 2024 , 3pm
Room 308, Union Mansion, 350 Wuning Lu


trigger - the epicenter for noise, experimental, and other offbeat sound explorers - hosts a very special guest - Seoul-based composer and improvisational musician Jin Sangtae (who also runs the South Korean experimental music venue dotolim). He’ll be joining a slew of trigger faves including guitar manipulator Zhu Songjie joining Mai Mai; sound artist Sun Yizhou, Shanghai Free Music Collective member Zhao Junyuan, and noise junkies Torturing Nurse and Shuride. A hefty lineup to quench those in need of something pure, jarring, and unexpected.