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Shanghai Compass

Finished Ended on Sun Jul 13, 2008
Duolun Museum of Modern Art
27 Duolun Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu


A brief solo show of acclaimed French photographer Florent Wendling split on two levels. Level one is interactive installation with films and animation that was previewed at MoCA last year. Level two is strait up photography, "Over/Night: Shanghai." Opening reception from 6pm.

Shanghai Compass 1.0
Interactive Installation: a virtual trip in Shanghai.
Duolun Museum of Modern Arts / First floor.
This interactive installation uses a huge photographs database as
animated films, accessed via a clock/compass interface. A preview,
non-interactive projection, has been presented at the Museum of
Contemporary Arts (MoCA), Shanghai, in October & November 2007.
Each film is the genesis of each particular photograph. 15.000+ pictures
are searched and processed to produce 156 HD films, synchronized
on up to three giant screens. Shanghai Compass 1.0 will present the HD
films on two large projection screens side by side at Duolun Museum.
The visitors can travel in four dimensions: lateral, vertical, depth and
time, walking around the interactive clock/altimeter/compass on the floor.
The interface is projected from the ceiling with motion sensors tracking
people's position on the floor.
The films being produced from high resolution photographs, up to 3 High
Definition films can be projected side by side. Soundtracks are designed to
match the visuals, including on location live backgrounds and custom
designed sound effects.

Over/Night: Shanghai
Photography exhibition: a one night imaginary journey.
Duolun Museum of Modern Arts / Second floor.
With a database of more than fifteen thousand photographs shot during
a two-years night travel in Shanghai, photographer and director Florent
Nicolas Wendling scans the divergences of the city, searching for people,
lights and shadows and what makes this metropolis so unique.
He now presents a one-night imaginary voyage. From landmarks to
harbors, factories, parks and suburbs, Florent explores the depths and
heights of the city, from dark shades to dazzling perspectives.
Over/Night is a quest for signs of changes in places colliding with each
others and people rushing or suspended in time in the urban landscape.

Florent Nicolas Wendling (􀌵􀌚􀗖 "Nicolas" in China) is a French/American director and photographer. Born in Provence (France), he has lived in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Shanghai and worked in more than twenty five countries. Florent started his photography career shooting for Paris news agencies and his television career producing and directing European TV series and documentaries. In 1988, with the help of Eurocreation, he raised 0.000, produced and directed "Draw me Europe", a peak prime time television series shot and broadcast in 13 countries involving for the first time a mix of filmed and computer graphics interviews. 45 European magazines and newspapers followed the two-months shooting with daily or weekly articles.
He moved to New York City in 1992 where he joined Peter Spirer (nominated for the
documentary Academy Award a few years later) and John Hurtz in Metropolis Productions. They produced music videos, (one of them,"Queen's English", featuring Madonna vocals), TV bumpers (ESPN, MTV...), feature film and TV commercial special effects.Five years later he relocated to Los Angeles where he designed and directed film and tv commercial special effects (Paramount, Princess cruises, ESPN...) In 1998, he moved toSan Francisco where he designed, directed and produced interactive online and wireless interface projects (Netscape, AOL...) and a -million advertising campaign (Syquest). His editorial and advertising photography work has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post,New York Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, New Yorker, Wired, Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stones, Newsweek and national billboard campaigns in the US. Asia
He moved to Asia in 2003 and completed a 3-week photoshoot for Jin Mao Grand Hyatt Shanghai new branding campaign (the highest hotel in the World until September 2008 when Shanghai Park Hyatt, Shanghai World Financial Center, will become the highest).
Later on he directed "Landmark", a film for Jin Mao Group, featuring the Jin Mao
skyscraper features. In Beijing, Florent shot a special feature about Commune by the
Great Wall, now one of China's modern architectural landmarks.
He also worked with magazines, shooting editorial photography features, advertising and corporate projects and created "Culture Clash", a series of thirty photographs: With local paintings and photographs picturing traditional Chinese women as a starting point, from red to gold, the project was presenting a collision between traditional Chinese outfit and fashion photography. Four exhibitions, part of the Year of France in China, were presented in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.
Florent, now in his forties, is working on photography, film and interactive projects for
major international brands in Asia, Europe and America. In 2007, he presented a new
series of works: Rush, a TV spot announcing eARTS, the first Shanghai digital artsfestival, aired on TV and skyscrapers video screens, Shanghai Compass Preview, twenty digital HD films presented in the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MoCA Shanghai), in October & November 2007.
Shanghai Compass 1.0, an interactive installation and Over/Night: Shanghai, a photo
exhibition, will be presented on the opening night, 6 to 9pm, July 9 2008 at the Duolun
Museum of Modern Arts, until July 13 2008. 􀄺pcoming exhibitions in China and on the
International Scene will present new versions of this show.
Europe & US: