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Free Wednesday Beginner Bachata Classes in Shanghai

Flow Theory
Room 1808, 18 Shunyi Lu, near Caoyang Lu


Have you ever wanted to try Bachata, the engaging Latin dance known for its charm and global popularity? Whether you're interested in enhancing your social life or meeting a vibrant community in Shanghai and beyond, Flow Theory's free Bachata classes offer a great opportunity. Join Carlito & Lancy at Flow Theory Studio every Wednesday to start learning. These sessions are perfect for beginners, so no experience is necessary.

Bachata originated in the rural Dominican Republic, combining African rhythms with Spanish guitar. Today, it has evolved into a dance celebrated at festivals worldwide, blending traditional and modern elements. Why choose Bachata? It's more than just learning steps; it's an introduction to rich cultural experiences and a lively social atmosphere.

Enjoy the music and immerse yourself at the moment. After the free session, you can stay for Level 1 classes to explore more complex moves. Whether you decide to join in or simply watch, it promises to be an enjoyable evening.

Feel free to bring a friend and a positive attitude to the Wednesday Bachata Free Session. No prior experience is needed—just your enthusiasm!