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Finished 2024-06-08 & 2024-06-09 , 10:30/14:30
Shanghai Children's Art Theatre
800 Miaojiang Lu, near Xizang Nan Lu


The kind-hearted little boy Jack obtained a magic bean and became friends with the lovely Princess Mary. One night, the giant took Princess Mary back to his towering castle as a souvenir. Just as Jack was struggling with how to go to the castle to rescue his friends, the magic beans grew crazily, allowing Jack to soar into the clouds and embark on an adventure. Can they get out of danger?

Exaggerated and cute dolls will recreate classic stories through carefully choreographed dance, music, and drama. The lifelike scene takes you into the wonderful fairy tale kingdom, and the thrilling plot will catch your eyes the whole time! Actors will use their profound ballet and gymnastics skills to bring their characters to life, telling the best fairy tale, inspiring imagination, and continuing the charm of fairy tales!

Suggested for kids 3+