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  • The Beer Lady (Suzhou Creek)

    1247 Nan Suzhou Lu, near Xinchang Lu

    南苏州路1247号, 近新昌路

    5386 3393
    This is the third venue from Shanghai's celebrity beer mart owner, The Beer Lady. This one's even bigger, stocks the expected thousands of beer types, and, interestingly, also...
    The Beer Lady (Suzhou Creek) Shanghai
    Craft Beer Bars
  • The Beer Lady (Kaixuan Lu)

    1010 Kaixuan Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu

    凯旋路1010号, 近延安西路

    6218 6891
    The second iteration of Shanghai's OG beermart, this Beer Lady is barely a diagonal stone's throw from Yuyintang, over multiple crosswalks and / or overpasses. It's the same...
    The Beer Lady (Kaixuan Lu) Shanghai
  • The Beer Lady (Songjiang)

    Yuanjin Granary, 10053 Songjin Gong Lu, near Songhui Dong Lu

    松金公路10053号云间粮仓, 近松汇东路

    3102 9700
    An absolutely ginormous Beer Lady complex covering 4,000sqm of a governement-sponsored redevelopment project that's turning the historic Yunjian Granary into a culture center....
    The Beer Lady (Songjiang) Shanghai
    Craft Beer
  • The Beer Lady (Caoyang Lu)

    1/F, No. 20, Lane 1888 Caoyang Lu, near Chaozhou Lu

    曹杨路1888弄20号1楼, 近潮州路

    6566 8722
    Beer Lady made its presence into a mall - like it or not, this location has become a "wanghong" kind of place, they even set up a whole separate photo area inside the store only...
    Craft Beer
  • The Beer Lady (Yixian Lu)

    1328 Yixian Lu, near Yingao Lu

    逸仙路1328号, 近殷高路

    Shanghai's OG Beer Lady grew into Baoshan, this time into an even bigger venue - from a glimpse, it looks like the hall can sits thousands. The entire store is surrounded by...
    Craft Beer