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  • The Park Tavern

    840 Hengshan Lu, near Tianping Lu

    衡山路840号, 近天平路

    5465 9312
    A four-level fully renovated house close to Xujiahui park with separate satellite feeds for each floor. A beautiful garden with ample seating and a terrace on the fourth floor...
  • Longhua Temple

    2853 Longhua Lu, near Longhua Park

    龙华路2853, 近龙华烈士陵园

    6456 6085
    The temple itself consists of four main halls housing numerous statues of Buddha and his disciples. Principle features include an ancient iron bell (rung 108 times on the New...
    Longhua Temple Shanghai
    Places of Worship
    Tourist Attractions
  • Scarpetta

    33 Mengzi Lu, near Xujiahui Lu

    蒙自路33号, 近徐家汇路

    3376 8223
    Slightly out of the laowai loop, this cozy, 60-seat Italian trattoria does deeply satisfying pizzas, pastas and grilled meats. Dishes range from familiar favorites like linguine...
    Scarpetta Shanghai
  • Ikea (Caoxi Lu)

    126 Caoxi Lu, near Zhongshan Xi Lu

    漕溪路126号, 近中山西路

    400 800 2345
    Furniture Shops
    Home Goods & Decor
  • East Shanghai Shooting and Archery Club

    663 Hongqiao Lu, near Panyu Lu

    虹桥路663号, 近番禺路

    6280 0677 / 6280 0408
    Think about a frat house, minus the bros, and add in a semi-professional range for guns, archery and air rifles. Terrifying thought, but that should give you a pretty good idea...
  • Will's Gym

    13 locations in Shanghai:

    Founded in 1996,Will's Gym has more than 115+ direct professional fitness centers nationwide, with more than 500,000 members. Will's Gym not only adheres to the simple concept...
  • Shanghai Stadium

    1111 Caoxi Bei Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu

    漕溪北路1111号, 近天钥桥路

    6426 6666
    The Shanghai Stadium seats 56,000 people typically and a maximum of 80,000, thus commonly termed the "80,000 People Stadium" by locals. The stadium was originally built for the...
  • Metro City

    1111 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu

    肇嘉浜路1111号, 近天钥桥路

    6426 8888
    Shopping Malls
  • Motrix VR (Xietu Lu)

    4/F, 2600 Xietu Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu

    斜土路2600号4楼, 近天钥桥路

    199 4565 3944
    Quite excellent VR facility in Xujiahui. Good location with HTC Vive Pro equipment and helpful English-speaking staff. Prices aren't too bad either - 119rmb for an hour perusing...
    Motrix VR (Xietu Lu) Shanghai
    Amusement Parks
  • Rice Bar

    2/F, 532 Fahuazhen Lu, near Dingxi Lu

    法华镇路532号2楼, 近定西路

    159 2110 9881
    Small gay lounge/bar on Fahuazhen Lu that's been open for over a decade. Just a bar, a few couches and a projector screen. You've also got several other LGBT venues a quick walk...
    Rice Bar Shanghai
  • Shanghai Library Bibliotheca Zikawei

    80 Caoxi Bei Lu, near Zhaojiabang Lu

    漕溪北路80号, 近肇嘉浜路

    6487 4095
    Also known as the Xujiahui Library, though the sign outside reads Shanghai Library Bibliotecha Zi-Ka-Wei, this was the completed in 1847 for the Jesuit mission in China. It's...
    Shanghai Library Bibliotheca Zikawei Shanghai
  • Green Friday (Puhuitang Lu)

    1/F, Bldg 1, 50 Puhuitang Lu, near Caoxi Bei Lu

    蒲汇塘路50号1栋1楼, 近漕溪北路

    180 1921 8187
    This used to be a vegetarian-friendly restaurant that also did decidedly non-vegetarian things like grilled salmon salad and steaks. Now Green Friday now only serves vegan food,...
    Green Friday (Puhuitang Lu) Shanghai
    Vegetarian & Vegan
  • SFC (Grand Gateway)

    6/F, Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Lu, near Huashan Lu

    港汇广场6楼, 虹桥路1号, 近华山路

    6407 6622
    This SFC cinema in the Grand Gateway mall offers a mixed experience. On the one hand, they're the only cinema in Shanghai with IMAX 3D, 4K and 4D. Seating is stadium style and...
    SFC (Grand Gateway) Shanghai
  • Film Art Center

    160 Xinhua Lu, near Panyu Lu

    新华路160号, 近番禺路

    6280 4088
    The cinema for the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF). This place has a '90s kinda vibe, with lots of marble flooring, massive screens, and old-school bathrooms....
    Film Art Center Shanghai
  • Courtyard by Marriott

    100 Hongqiao Lu, near Yishan Lu

    虹桥路100号, 近宜山路

    6129 2888
    Marriott brand hotel catering to a business traveler clientele.